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Welcome to this special website dedicated to the minerals from the pegmatites and from the iron ore of Isola Elba.

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Lot of rock from the pegmatite areas and from the iron mines of Isola Elba, Italy !

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New Materials from Elba

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San Piero, Isola Elba, Livorno, Italy - This rock hosts a couple of perfectly terminated colored elbaites of 0.5 and 0.3 cm, well visible of the pink colored feldspars ! The contrast of the colors is great. There are also several light blue albites. Overall size of this specimen is 6x4x3 cm

Unit price: EURO 250,00



San Piero, Isola Elba, Livorno, Italy - Very interesting specimen that hosts a well visible and perfectly terminated bicolored elbaite of 0.7 cm in size. There are also other elbaites that are on the back of the main crystal and one that is bending on the top of the main crystal. Also this one is terminated. Nice specimen of 6x3.5x3 cm in size

Unit price: EURO 250,00
"Elbaite, Quartz & Feldspar""Elbaite, Quartz & Feldspar""Elbaite, Quartz & Feldspar""Elbaite, Quartz & Feldspar"

Facciatoia, San Piero, Isola Elba, Livorno, Italy - An old specimen from the historical quarry of Facciatoia, now defunct. The veins of this quarry produced a number of fantastic colored elbaites. This specimen hosts a perfectly terminated pink elbaite of 0.7 cm in size. All around there are a lot of quartz, pink feldspars and albites ! A specimen almost impossible to find ! No damage. Overall size is 8.5x4.5x3.5 cm

Unit price: EURO 125,00

Gorgolinato, Sant Ilario, Isola Elba, Livorno, Italy - An old classic. Gorgolinato is an old area that produced a number of fine schorl and beryl crystals. This specimen hosts some schorl crystal, being the main one 1cm in size and all located on the top of some feldspars and quartz crystals. Nice rock of 4.5x4x2 cm

Unit price: EURO 110,00


ELBANI, il nuovo libro sui minerali delle pegmatiti elbane, di M.Giarduz e G.Maggioni

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CD sui minerali Elbani - CD on Elba Minerals

E' disponibile un bellissimo CD sui minerali delle pegmatiti elbane, corredato di carte, indicazioni, e tante foto ! clickate qui per maggiori informazioni

A CD on "Minerals from the pegmatites of Isola Elba, Italy" is available also in English, click here for more infos !

The Italian Island of Elba

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