The flat
Galena specimen
Pyrite on quartz
Offmatrix pyrite cuboctahedron
Mesitine coverage with quartz crystals
Fassaite specimen
Quartz geode with dolomite inside
Pyrite crystals
Quartz clusters with galenas among the crystals
Calcite and marcasite
Pyrite on Matrix
Sphalerite crystals
Galena crystals

Flat 2 - 13 specimens from Traversella mine, Torino, Piemonte , Italy

210 euro + shipping

This flats consists of 13 specimen from the defunct locality of Traversella mine. These specimens were in an old collection (1965-1995) that  I have recently aquired and there are galenas, dolomite, quartz, pyrite, fassaite, calcite, marcasite, mesitine, sphalerite. look at the photos of the specimens. Shipping is 12 euros for Italy, 55 euros Worldwide.