Tucson Show 2020

Here we are ! 24 hours of trip to reach Tucson !
.. nothing to say … a good breakfast is a must !
Bournonite from Bolivia, a new find at Collectors' Edge
I like Rhodo very much !!
Some Spanish dealers have incredibly large cubes on matrix: the largest here is 5 cm on the edge.
Recent find: vanadinite clusters from Mexico ! really nice !
The italian MCP dealer has a wonderful Elbaite from Isola Elba, Italy ! super !
A rare italian classic: green anglesite from Montevecchio mine, Sardegna, Italy
While moving from one Show to an other one, an incredible landscape could be seen ! saguaros !
The classic amethyst from Mexico !
A new find from Italy: great coquimbite crystals on matrix from Pardini
Very nice pink fluorite crystals from China
A large pink fluorite specimen from China
… and avery expensive one !
What a great pink fluorite !
A large red beryl on matrix
and a larger red beryl !!
The incredible cluster of brazilian torumalines … !
Anyone wants a T.Rex … ?
The classic wulfenites from Red Cloud mine.
A new find: wulfenite from Mexico at Collectors' Edge
An incredible Rhodo … I am in love with rhodocrosites !!
Nothing to say … the italians do it better !
and when together they perform great … at dinner ! here there are the chefs : Marco, Giampaolo and Alessandro
The whole Italian connection at Tucson 2020 !
… and now … tired … we are back !

It has been a long trip to reach Tucson but we made it ! Giampaolo and I knew that the actual Coronavirus pestilence was a risk but fortunately we had not the feeling of being under thread even though journals and newspaper were talking about this virus a lot.

We arrived in Tucson around 8 pm, tired and really sleepy after a 24 h trip !

The day after, as expected, we woke up very early .. too much early ! at 4 am we were wondering around in our Hotel room, chatting and discussing about our program of visits to the many Shows all around Tucson area. We counted 54 different shows .. a lot !

So … lets go ! after a good classic american breakfast with eggs, bacon and coffe, the Tucson show has just began !

First stop was Mineral City, the new location on The Oracle Road, close to TopGem where a lot of dealers have gathered in a nice contest with quite large exhibits. Several italian dealers were here as well as Collectors' Edge, Arkenstone, Cristalle.

There were good chances to see wonderful specimens but also to find flats or single specimens with great good crystals. Obviously most of the best ones had very expensive prices … you can get an idea looking to some of the photos posted.

This year a lot of dealers, not only chinese, were showing wonderful cuboctahedral pink fluorite crystals. Nothing to compare to the marvelous pink crystals found on the Alps, but still very attractive compenetrated twins ! and also very large and … very expensive !

Tourmalines from California, from Pakistan, from Afghanistan and also from Isola Elba, Italy where on show. Very exceptional specimen, especially those from Mesa Granda, Pala, California.

As novelties during this Tucson show I have seen real nice bournonite crystals on matrix from Bolivia and great Yellow/orange wulfenites from Mexico ! both were ditributed by Collectors' Edge that had both flats and key stones ! I got some of them for my web site !

In any case Tucson Show is a great experience, always. It is a peculiar occasion to share emotions, feelings and friendship with other collectors as well as with other italian friends.

In fact we had the chance to have a special Italian party at Marco Lorenzoni's place with a very special chef: Giampaolo Barone ! he is a doctor as I am but he has the gift of being able to "create" when he has food in his hand ! as you can see from the photos, all the italians enjoyed being together for this very special dinner party !

Time passes, always … but the promise is still the same: we will be there, in Tucson, also next year !