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Cerro de Mercado, Durango, Mexico - A bright yellow single fluorapatite crystal sands atop a small matrix. The crystal shows good form and a uniform soft yellow/green colour and the size is 1 cm. Very nice crystal !Overall size is 2x1.9x1.2 cm

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Cerro de Mercado, S. Eulalia, Mexico - Several apatites are partly emerging from quartz coating. Bright yellow color. The apatites are up to 1.5-2 cm in size. Nice for the locality. Overall size is 5.5x5x2.7 cm

Unit price: EURO 20,00
"Fluorapatite & Albite""Fluorapatite & Albite""Fluorapatite & Albite""Fluorapatite & Albite""Fluorapatite & Albite"

Sapo mine, Ferruginha, Minas Gerais, Brazil - Tabular mostly gemmy lustrous crystal of fluorapatite 0.9 cm across on an albite crystal matrix. In very good condition. Size: 5.5 x 4.5 x 4.0 cm

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MINAS GERAIS, BRASIL - Nice group of terminated fluorapatite crystals. The color is light blue/green, their size is up to 0.6 cm and form a cluster of 1-1.2 cm in size. Overall size of this showy rock is 4x2.5x2 cm.

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MINAS GERAIS, BRASIL - This specimen shows several terminated fluorapatite crystals up to the size of 1 cm ! The color is light blue/green. The crystals are well exposed on the pegmatite matrix. Real showy specimen of 4.5x6x3.5 cm.

Unit price: EURO 60,00
"Fluorapatite and Magnetite""Fluorapatite and Magnetite""Fluorapatite and Magnetite"

There is a perfectly terminated apatite crystal 1.5 cm long that shows up from the the magnetite crystals. The magnetites are up to 1 cm, all with nice terminations. Showy specimen.

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Cerro Mercado, Durango, Mexico - Greatly terminated giant fluorapatite crystal ! The crystal is 4x2.3x2 cm in size, one of the biggest I have seen. Very showy.

Unit price: EURO 75,00

Panasqueira, Covilha, Castelo Branco District, Portugal - Glassy translucent tabular green fluorapatite crystals to 3.0 cm in size over the top of a 7.5 x 6.0 x 3.5 cm matrix. Some chipping as seen. Great specimen !

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Sapo mine, Ferruginha, Minas Gerais, Brazil - Green tabular crystals of fluorapatite to 2 cm in size on crystallized albite with muscovite. The main crystals are in an oper cavity close to the top of the rock. There are several other fluorapatites up to 0.8 cm on these rock ! In good conditions and nice ! Size: 12.0 x 11.0 x 6.0 cm. Weight is 600 gr.

Unit price: EURO 200,00