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Ambararata, Madagascar - Nice biterminated liddicoatite of 2.6 cm in size with a smaller biterminated liddicoatite on one of the lateral faces. The small liddicoatite is 0.6 cm in size. The color is dark brown and there is a light color close to the top. An opaque quartz point is on the back of the main liddicoatite. Real nice specimen of 2.6x2.1x1.5 cm

Unit price: EURO 150,00



Ambararata, Madagascar - Biterminated liddicoatite of 1.5x1.2x1.2 cm in size. The crystal sits on a small feldspar matrix, vey white in color and this gives a great contrast for the dark brown color of the liddicoatite ! Overall size is 2x2x1.5 cm

Unit price: EURO 100,00



Ambararata, Madagascar - Quite large biterminated liddicoatite crystal ! The crystal is 2.7x2x1.7 and has a nice dark brown color that is lighter close to the top where it shows some transparency. There is a smaller liddicoatite on one side of the main crystal. Close to the top there is also a terminated quartz. Real showy specimen of 3.5x2.5x2 cm in size

Unit price: EURO 150,00



AMBARARATA, MADAGASCAR - Nice and well terminated liddicoatite crystal of 3x1.6 cm wide with a nice red color ! The crystal is on a qurtz/feldspar matrix. Overall size is 5x3x2 cm

Unit price: EURO 65,00

Ambalabe, Manapa, Betafo, Madagascar - Nice cluster of liddicoatite with a deep red color with some white londonites. The liddicoatites are up to 1 cm in size and the londonites are 0.4 cm in diameter. Nice specimen of 1.6x1.5x1.5 cm in size

Unit price: EURO 20,00



Bongolava, Tsiroanomandidy, Madagascar - This is a new locality for real super liddicoatite crystals ! Recently found, the crystals from this area show great color and transparency. Most of the specimen from this area are destinated to art and jewel factory. This specimen is biterminated and 3.5x2.1x1.6 cm in size. The colors are great as you can see from the photos ! super liddicoatite.

Discounted - it was 1100 euros, now ..

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TSITONDROINA, FIANARANTSOA, MADAGASCAR - Gemmy and terminated liddicoatite crystal of 2.5x1.5 cm ! The color is very nice, violet/red. The crystal is located on a small matrix with some quartz crystals. Overall size is 2.7x2x1.6 cm.

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TSITONDROINA, FIANARANTSOA, MADAGASCAR - Perfectly terminated gemmy liddicoatite crystal of 3x2.2x2 cm. The color is close to a light violet/red though it changes if under sun light or artificial light ! Very nice crystal.

Unit price: EURO 300,00