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Hu Nan Province, China - Bright oragnge scheelite, undamged and gemmy, shows on this rock ! The scheelite is 1 cm on the edge and has an incredible oragnge color ! Very nice and showy specimen of 5x4.5x2 cm.

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"Scheelite on muscovite""Scheelite on muscovite""Scheelite on muscovite"

Yaogangxian Mine, Chenzhou, Hunan, China - Nice yellow/orange scheelite crystal on muscovite carpet. The scheelite is 0.9 cm on the edge. Nice specimen for the species. Overal size is 6.5x5x2 cm

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Xianghualin, Hunan Prov., China - There are three perfectly terminated scheelite crystals that emerge from various fluorite cubo-octahedrons ! The scheelite show a light brown/orange color and are 1-1.5 cn on the edge ! Very nice specimen of 6.5x4.5x3 cm

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Yaogangxian Mine, Chenzhou, Hunan, China - Small Brown crystals of scheelite to 0.3 cm in size upon the single terminated glassy partly gemmy quartz crystal 4.5 x 2.5 x 2.0 cm in size. Calcite present as well. Minimal micro-chipping present, still in very good condition

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TRAVERSELLA MINE, TORINO, ITALy - Since this mine is no longer open, few specimens of scheelite are easily available. This specimen is from a collection of the early 1970. The rock shows a well terminated 1.5 cm scheelite crystal on a crystalline magnetite matrix ! A quite large crystal for this locality. Overall size is 4x4x4 cm.

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