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Herja Mine, Chiuzbaia, Baia Mare, Maramureș County, Romania - Older specimen from Herja featuring black lustrous cyrstals of sphalerite with a flat back with slight overgrowth of siderite. the sphalerite crystals are up to 2.1 cm on the edge ! Excellent - aesthetic specimen from this well known locality. Very Bright crystals ! Overall size is 6.4 × 5.2 × 1.8 cm.

Unit price: EURO 35,00
"Rhodochrosite on Sphalerite""Rhodochrosite on Sphalerite""Rhodochrosite on Sphalerite"

Sweet Home mine, near Alma, Park County, Colorado, USA - The Sweet Home mine is world famous for its Rhodochrosite specimens. For those who don't know, Richard Kosnar and his father-in-law Dave Bergman mined the Sweet Home for a few years during the late 1970's and managed to collect some excellent specimens. This piece features a predominant, sharp, lustrous, gemmy, rich pinkish-red rhombohedron of Rhodochrosite measuring 1.1 cm across that is perched aesthetically on contrasting black Sphalerite matrxi with minor Pyrite. This is an unusual Rhodo from the Sweet Home as they are not often seen on Sphalerite like this. It would make a great addition to any Colorado suite, a Rhodo collection or a suite of thumbnail. This piece is from one of the early pockets that Rich and Dave opened when they started mining in 1977. Overall size is 2x1.5x1.5 cm. Ex Rob Lavinsky coll.

Unit price: EURO 75,00

Gordonsville Mine, Smith  Co., Tennessee, USA - Beautiful mostly gemmy purple fluorite crystals sitting on a matrix of crystallized sphalerite. This sits perfectly by itself for display. Extremely minimal micro-cleaving on one corner as seen, overall I think in very good condition. Measures 4.5 x 3.5 x 2.0 cm in size and shows nicely all around. Ex Chris and Agatha Galas collection.

Unit price: EURO 45,00

Bottino mine, Stazzema, Carrara, Italy - There are several sphalerite crystals up to 0.4 cm on this rock. They are dispersed on this rock together with waterclear quartz crystals. Nice 6x4x2.5 cm rock

Unit price: EURO 20,00
"Calcite & Sphalerite""Calcite & Sphalerite""Calcite & Sphalerite"

Elmwood mine, Smith Co., Tennessee, USA - Bright gemmy biterminated calcite crystal of 4 cm in size stands on a crystalline matrix of sphalerite ! The sphalerite crystals are up to 1 cm. Overall size is 6x6x4.5 cm

Unit price: EURO 45,00



Gordonsville Mine, Smith Co., Tennessee, USA - Nice violet fluorite cubes of 2 cm on the edge ! Bright and well shaped ! Minor crystals of sphalerite on the back. Overall size is 2.7x2.5x2.2 cm

Unit price: EURO 30,00

ELMWOOD MINE, CARTHAGE, TENNESSEE - This specimen consists in a crystalline sphalerite, bright red and well shaped with some violet fluorite cubes up to 0.7 cm on the edge. Nice rock of 5.5x5.5x3 cm in size

Unit price: EURO 22,00

ELMWOOD MINE, CARTHAGE, TENNESSEE - Nice fluorite cube of 3.5 cm on the edge with a nice violet color. On one corner the fluorite has a sphalerite cluster, bright and red. Chipping on a corner of the fluorite. Overall size is 4.5x2.5x2.2 cm

Unit price: EURO 25,00

BOTTINO MINE, SERAVEZZA, CARRARA, ITALY - Very nice specimen with several sphalerite and galena crystals. All of them show up on tiny siderite crystals. This specimen has been collecte inside the mine, since no valuable specimne can be found in the dumps. The crystals are up to 0.6 cm in size. Real nice rock of 6.5x3x1.8 cm

Unit price: EURO 25,00

BOTTINO MINE, SERAVEZZA, CARRARA, ITALY - Nicely terminated and undamaged sphalerite (blenda) crystal of  0.5 cm in size shows greatly on a carpet of siderite, calcite and tiny quartz crystals ! Overall size is 5.5x3x2 cm

Unit price: EURO 25,00
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