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HERJA MINE, BAIA MARE, MARAMURES, ROMANIA - An incredible showy specimen ! There are hundreds of crystals ! All crystals are terminated and bright metallic in luster ! Their size is up to 6.5 cm ! The specimen is composed by clusters of crystals forming a complex of 6.8x4x1.2 cm in size

Unit price: EURO 65,00



Cisma Mine, Baiut, Maramures Co., Romania - hick metallic terminated crystals of stibnite forming a 4.0 x 4.0 x 3.0 cm cluster. Complete all-around and in very good condition. Very nice for the species from this classic mine.

Unit price: EURO 45,00



Baia Sprie Mine, Baia Sprie, Romania - Classic cluster of stibnite crystals, undamaged with small transparent baryte crystals at the base. Stibnite crystals are up to 3 cm in size ! Overall size is 5.5x4x3.5 cm

Unit price: EURO 30,00