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Cianciana mine, Agrigento,  Sicily,  Italy - Nice bright yellow sulfur crystals on aragonite crystalline matrix. The sulfurs are up to 1.5 cm in size. Overall size is 6x5x3 cm

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"SULFUR on marble""SULFUR on marble""SULFUR on marble""SULFUR on marble"

Colonnata quarry, Apune Alps, Carrara, Italy - Terminated bright yellow sulfur crystal of 0.4 cm in size in nicely located on the white marble ! There are also a lot of terminated calcite crystals. The yellow color make the sulfur well visible ! Overall size is 4.5x4x3.5 cm

Unit price: EURO 25,00

PERTICARA MINE, PERTICARA, ITALY - An old specimen from a dismissed collection. This mine has been worked up to the early 60ies. Nowadays is closed forever due to toxic gas. The specimen has a lot of 0.4 cm sulfur crystals nicely located on a coating of terminated celestite crystals ! there are hundreds of 2-4 mm celestite crystals. Overall size is 8x4x7 cm.

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Perticara mine, Perticara Italy - The contrast of the yellow on the black is really showy. These crystals are in the range of 0.8 cm, unfortunately the one on the right is partially complete but the other is perfect. There is a smaller one on the left. Real showy.

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Perticara mine, Perticara ItalyNice 0.2-0.5 cm crystals are scattered on this rock. Nice terminations and good yellow color !

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Perticara mine, Perticara ItalyThis rock hosts a complex crystal of sulfur of 1.4 cm. The cluster is formed by several crystals one over the other.

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COZZODISI MINE, AGRIGENTO, SICILY, ITALY - There are some large sulfur crystals on this specimen, close to a cavity containing other smaller ones. The large sulfurs are nicely terminated, with a neat yello color and are up to 2 cm on the edge ! The smaller ones are up to 0.5-1 cm. Overall size of this rock is 5.5x6.5x4.5 cm

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Cozzodisi mine, Agrigento, Sicily - Nice, even if small in size, this rock shows 4 terminated crystals, the biggest is around 1.2 cm, with a good looking yellow color. Overall size is 5x4x4 cm.

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PERTICARA MINE, PESARO - Scarce specimen! this mine is now closed, no specimens available if not coming from old collections. These sulfur mine is very well known by the italian rockhounds ! nicely terminated 1-1.5 cm sulfur crystals. 12x8x5 cm.

Unit price: EURO 55,00