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NUXIS, RIO BACHERA, CAGLIARI, ITALY - Very nice cluster of golden baryte ! The cluster is composed by 5 well terminated baryte crystals up to 3.8x2 cm in size ! Classic finding of 2010. Overall size is 5x4.5x2.8 cm. Weight is 90 gr.

Unit price: EURO 85,00

POLLONE MINE, LUCCA, ITALY - A classic from this famous Italian mine. The specimen is composed by crystalline quartx matrix with a well exposed terminated lightly smoky quartz crystal up to 2.7 cm in size. There are some other smaller quartzes with some sulfides coating on some faces. There is also a well defined and terminated white baryte crystal of 1.5 cm in size. Overall size is 6.5x5x4 cm. Weight is 95 gr.

Unit price: EURO 60,00
"Barite & Siderite""Barite & Siderite""Barite & Siderite""Barite & Siderite"

Brosso mine, Torino, Italy - Nice glassy baryte crystals up to 1 cm show on a carpet of siderite crystals with tiny pyrite crystals on. Classic from this mine. Overall size is 7x4x2 cm

Unit price: EURO 15,00

POLLONE MINE, LUCCA, ITALY - Nice brigth waterclear quartzes, terminated, with some 2-4 mm baryte crystals, white in color. Classic from Pollone mine, Lucca, Italy. The quartz crystals are 1.5-1.7 cm in size. Overall size is 4x3x1 cm

Unit price: EURO 10,00



San Giovanni mine, Carbonia-Iglesias Province, Sardegna, Italy - Cluster of waterclear gemmy barite crystals ! The barites are up to 3 cm in size. Nice specimen of 5.5x4x4 cm

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NUXIS, RIO BACHERA, CAGLIARI, ITALY - Large off-matrix golden barite crystal. The crystal is 7x5x2.5 cm in size. It shows the contact with the matrix on the back. Nice luster and phantoms.

Unit price: EURO 40,00