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FLORISTELLA MINE, ENNA, SICILY, ITALY - A great old timer ! This specimen hosts a great abundance of celestine crystals grouped in clusters showing complex terminations ! I count one hundred crystakls or so ! The crystals are up to 2-2.7 cm in size ! The matrix shows wel evident traces of sulfur. An interesting specimen from a mine no more producing specimens. In fact this one is from an old collection recently aquired. Overall size is 11x11x6 cm. Weight is 1.6 kg

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GIUMENTARO MINE, ENNA, SICILY, Italy - A classic from Sicily sulfur mines. Giumentro was one of the most prolific for sulfura and for celestine crystals. This specimen hosts large celestine crystals up to 3 cm. The whole specimen is a cluster of crystals. Overall size is 8x5x4.5 cm.

Unit price: EURO 100,00

PERTICARA MINE, PERTICARA, ITALY - An old specimen from a dismissed collection. This mine has been worked up to the early 60ies. Nowadays is closed forever due to toxic gas. The specimen has a lot of 0.4 cm sulfur crystals nicely located on a coating of terminated celestite crystals ! there are hundreds of 2-4 mm celestite crystals. Overall size is 8x4x7 cm.

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