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San Piero, Isola Elba, Livorno, Italy - Nicely terminated 0.6 cm schorl close to feldspars and quartz crystals. Overall size is 6.5x3.5x2.5 cm.

Unit price: EURO 20,00

SAN PIERO, ISOLA ELBA, LIVORNO, ITALY - It is not so usual to find spessartine but this specimen has a small spessartine among various  quartz and schorl crystals to the size of 0.7 cm. Nice REFERENCE specimen of 5.5x3x3 cm

Unit price: EURO 25,00



San Piero, Isola Elba, Livorno, Italy - A nicely terminated 1.4 cm long schorl shows on this pegmatite matrix. The rystal is perfectly terminated and shows greatly on this rock. At the base it has a narural contact on the matrix and no damage ! Nice crystal from Elba ! overall size is 3.5x3x2.5 cm

Unit price: EURO 50,00

San Piero, Isola Elba, Livorno, Italy - A great amount, hundreds of terminated schorl crystals cover most of the surface of this pegmatite specimen ! Classicallythe schorl crystals are grouped in  cluster on orthoclases or quartz crystals. This kind of aspect is typical when opening the pockets where there had been not so great space to develop large and/or big schorl crystals. Though it has 2-4 mm crystals, the sight is interesting for the brigthness and the luster of the terminations ! overall size is 11x7x3.5 cm. Weight is 330 gr

Unit price: EURO 60,00



Giglio Island, Toscany, Italy - Among many feldspar crystalsthere is terminated 0.8x0.8 cm schorlite. The crystal is well shape and well visible ! Overall size is 6.5x6.5x3.5 cm.

Unit price: EURO 65,00
"Schorl & Feldspars""Schorl & Feldspars""Schorl & Feldspars""Schorl & Feldspars""Schorl & Feldspars"

San Piero, Isola Elba, Livorno, Italy - Nice plate of bright white feldspars and bright black schorls. There a lot of schorls nicely grouped on several termianted feldspars. The schorls are up to 1 cm and most of them are terminated. A classic from the Elba pegmatite areas. Overall size is 7x3.5x2.5 cm

Unit price: EURO 65,00

SAN PIERO, ISOLA ELBA, LIVORNO, ITALY - Pegmatite minerals are sometimes nicely coupled. In fact it is not so rare to find that schorl, beryl and/or cassiterite crystals are variously combined in the same cavity or nearby. This is the case. This rock has half a dozen of terminated schorl crystals up to 0.4 cm. Some of the schorls have a white albite coating as a cap. On one side there is a terminated beryl of 0.45 cm. Overall size is 5.5x5x3.5 cm

Unit price: EURO 70,00

Gorgolinato, Sant Ilario, Isola Elba, Livorno, Italy - An old classic. Gorgolinato is an old area that produced a number of fine schorl and beryl crystals. This specimen hosts several bright terminated schorls up to 0.5 cm all around various quartz and feldspars. Nice rock of 3.5x3x2 cm

Unit price: EURO 75,00

SAN PIERO, ISOLA ELBA, ITALY - Among several feldspar crystals there are various schorl crystals. The largest is 1.4 cm in size. There are some others up to 0.5 cm. The feldpars are up to 1-1.5 cm on the edge. Overall size is 7x5x5 cm.

Unit price: EURO 80,00



SAN PIERO, ISOLA ELBA, LIVORNO, ITALY - Showy schorlite crystals are well exposed on this rpck. The biggest is 1.1 cm long with perfect termination. There are other smaller all around. Overall size is 7.5x3x5 cm.

Unit price: EURO 80,00
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