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COZZODISI MINE, AGRIGENTO, SICILY, ITALY - There are some large sulfur crystals on this specimen, close to a cavity containing other smaller ones. The large sulfurs are nicely terminated, with a neat yello color and are up to 2 cm on the edge ! The smaller ones are up to 0.5-1 cm. Overall size of this rock is 5.5x6.5x4.5 cm

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LA CIANCIANA MINE, AGRIGENTO, SICILY, ITALY - A classic from Sicily ! This specimen hosts several sulfur crystals and the main is 1.5 cm in size ! all of them are nicely located on aragonite matrix on both sides of the specimen. Nice classic and showy specimen from Sicily. Overall size is 6x6x4.5 cm.

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Cozzodisi Mine, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy - Nice specimen with half a dozen sulfur crystals. Their size is up to 1.6 cm ! The color is the classic yellow ! Natural bitumen is on the aragonite matrix, a classic from this mine. Overall size is 6x5x4 cm.

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Cozzodisi Mine, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy - Nice large amaount of sulfur crystals on aragonite matrix !There are several dozens crystals here up to 1-1.2 cm in size ! Great color and shape ! Great coverage of crystals ! Overall size is 8x6.5x2.2 cm

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sulfur & aragCozzodisi Mine, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy - A large crystalline aragonite matrix is fully covered by a number of sulfur crystals. There are crystals on all sides of the specimen ! I think there are more than 40-45 crystals from 0.5 to 2 cm in size ! very nice crystals ! superb yellow color ! there is the classic natural bitumen which is typical from this mine that is no more operating and now is also no more accessible due to sulfide gas. Overall size is 8x7.5x7 cm.

Unit price: EURO 300,00
Displaying results 11 to 15 out of 15
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