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"Morganite & Microlite""Morganite & Microlite""Morganite & Microlite""Morganite & Microlite""Morganite & Microlite""Morganite & Microlite"

Paprook, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan - Here we have a pair of well terminated pale pink beryl crystals perched on top of a pegmatite matrix with quartz and mica. Both crystals have a nice shape and have some minor chips and misty lustre - but have a great shape. The main crystal is 3x1.8 cm in size ! Also present is abundant orange to light brown microlite (group) in a range of octahedral crystals. Really nice combination. Overall size is 7.8x6.3x5.6 cm

Unit price: EURO 265,00

AFG-B50 Pink Kunzite

"Pink Kunzite""Pink Kunzite""Pink Kunzite""Pink Kunzite"

Mawi, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan - Bright pink kunzite crystal of 2.6x1.7x1 cm perfectly terminated and gemmy ! Very nice crystal !

Unit price: EURO 40,00
"Beryl & Muscovite""Beryl & Muscovite""Beryl & Muscovite""Beryl & Muscovite"

Shigar Valley, Northern Areas, Pakistan -  Terminated beryl with a nice light blue color shows among large muscovite crystals. The beryl is 2.3 cm and the muscovite are up to 2 cm on the edge. Overall size is 6x5.5x3 cm

Unit price: EURO 40,00
"Beryl & Muwscovite""Beryl & Muwscovite""Beryl & Muwscovite""Beryl & Muwscovite""Beryl & Muwscovite"

Shigar Valley, Northern Areas, Pakistan - Nice terminated beryl 1.5 cm wide shows among muscovite crystals. The crystal emerges for 1 cm from the muscovite. Nice specimen of 4.5x3.5x2 cm in size

Unit price: EURO 30,00
"Faden quartz & Brookite""Faden quartz & Brookite""Faden quartz & Brookite"

Toi, Wanna, South Wazikistan, Pakistan - Well terminated bright lustrous faden quartz up to 2.5 cm in size ! There are also some brookite crystals of 0.5 cm ! Overall size is 7x3.5x3 cm

Unit price: EURO 30,00
"Spessartine, Schorl & Quartz""Spessartine, Schorl & Quartz""Spessartine, Schorl & Quartz""Spessartine, Schorl & Quartz""Spessartine, Schorl & Quartz""Spessartine, Schorl & Quartz"

Gilgit, Northern Areas, Pakistan - Nice bright spessartine are located on a quartz crystal close to a terminated 2 cm schorl. The spessartines are up to 0.5 cm in diameter. Overall size is 3.3 × 2.4 × 2.1 cm

Unit price: EURO 20,00
"Fluorite & Muscovite""Fluorite & Muscovite""Fluorite & Muscovite""Fluorite & Muscovite"

Yaogangxien mine, Yi Zhang Co., Hunan Prov., China - Well shaped cube of fluorite ahows on a carpet of muscovite crystals. The fluorite is 1.4 cm on the edge, really showy. Overall size is 5.5x4x3 cm

Unit price: EURO 35,00

Xianghualin, Hunan Prov., China - There are three perfectly terminated scheelite crystals that emerge from various fluorite cubo-octahedrons ! The scheelite show a light brown/orange color and are 1-1.5 cn on the edge ! Very nice specimen of 6.5x4.5x3 cm

Unit price: EURO 70,00



Saranovskii Mine, Gorozavodskii, Urals Region, Russian Federation - A very nice and valuable specimen with a lot of 1-2 mm bright green uvarovite crystals. A well known classic from Russia. Overall size 4x3x1 cm

Unit price: EURO 30,00

PAK-H38 Bastneasite


Zagi Mountain, Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Pakistan - Nice bright orange bastneasite crystal show up on this rock ! The crystal is undamaged and 0.8 cm in size !  Overall size is 4 × 3.5 × 2 cm.

Unit price: EURO 40,00
Displaying results 1 to 10 out of 205
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