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Kop Krom mine, Kop Daglari, Erzurum Province, Eastern Anatolia Region, Turkey - A classic Kammererite specimen from Turkey. This mineral is a Chromian Clinochlore with a nice violet color. This rock hosts a lot of millimetric crystals covering the surface of the specimen ! Overall size is 7.5x5.5x4 cm. Weight is 335 gr

Unit price: EURO 40,00



Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Pakistan - There are some nice bright deep brown vesuvianite crystals on this rock ! The main crystal is bi-terminated and 1x0.9 cm in size ! Nie rock from this classic Pakistani region. Overall size is 3.2x2.5x1.5 cm. Ex Ikram Mineralogy Collection

Unit price: EURO 25,00



25Chamachu, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan - Nice flat plate of several gemmy clear topaz crystals fringed by albite. There are a dozen topaz crystals up to 1.6 cm in size ! All of them are waterclear ! Overall size is 2.4 × 5 × 1.8 cm.

Unit price: EURO 25,00
"Elbaite & Quartz""Elbaite & Quartz"

Stak Nala, Northern Areas, Pakistan - Well terminated gemmy lustrous elbaite crystal stands on  terminated quartz crystals. No damage to the elbaite ! The crystal shows a green color at the base and perfectly clear close to the top. It is 1 cm in size. Nice specimen of 5x4.5x2.5 cm in size

Unit price: EURO 25,00



Ghandahab Valley, Mohmand Agency, Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Pakistan - A fine clear terminated crystal of apatite nestled in a vug of the clear albite matrix with chlorite and a small dark honey grossular garnet. The apatite is almost 1 cm ! Very nice ! Overall size is 5.5x3.6x2.8 cm

Unit price: EURO 15,00
"Elbaite & Quartz""Elbaite & Quartz""Elbaite & Quartz""Elbaite & Quartz""Elbaite & Quartz""Elbaite & Quartz"

Stak Nala, Northern Areas, Pakistan - A partial quartz crystal which has re-healed across one face hosts a single 1.4cm crystal of eblaite with a clear colour change from deep green, to light green to clear. Nice termination to this one. Overall size is 28x1.9x1.3 cm

Unit price: EURO 25,00



Shengus, Rondu, Baltistan, Pakistan - On one of the faces of a large orthoclase there are a number of well shaped and perfectly terminated topaz crystals ! All are waterclear and are up to 1-1.3 cm in size ! I count more than 2 dozen crystals ! 3 faces of the orthoclase are well evident. Overall size is 7x5.4x4 cm

Unit price: EURO 55,00



Shigar Valley, Northern Areas, Pakistan - There are various topaz crystals up to 1.2 cm in size. The color is the classic amber. There are 5 crystals ! Some fluorite included in the matrix. Overall size is 4.5x4x3 cm

Unit price: EURO 30,00



Raikot mine Chilas District Northern Pakistan - Fantastic Bright Orange Color Spessartine Garnet Specimen with Quartz, 52 x 34 x 28 mm from New find Raikot mine Chilas District Northern Pakistan. Specimen Has Very good number of Perfect Shape Spessartine Garnet crystals. Crystals has Top Luster and Amazing bright Orange Color which are very attractive in Person. There is a small Smokey Quartz point on Feldspar Matrix.

Unit price: EURO 45,00



Kharan, Baluchistan, Pakistan - Bright metallic anatase crystals show on this specimen. The anatase are terminated and when observed under with the light both show blue color inside the crystals ! The main anatase is 0.7 cm in size. Overall size is 6.5x4.5x2 cm. Ex Ikram Mineralogy specimen

Unit price: EURO 20,00
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