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Minas Gerais, Brazil - A very nice multicolor elbaite of 4 cm in size. The crystal is fully terminated and red, pink and green colors ! Really nice. There is also a 1.5 cm terminated elbaite on one of the side of the main crystal. Overall size is 4x2.5x2 cm

Unit price: EURO 150,00

BRUMADO, BAHIA, BRASIL - On a matrix of crystalline magnesite there are several bright green uvite crystals. The main crystal is 0.9 cm wide and shoes a great brightness and green color. There other smaller uvites among the magnesite coating.Overall size of this rock is 3.5x3x3 c,m

Unit price: EURO 25,00



La Compania Mine, Sierra Gorda, Antofagasta, Chile - A congplmerate matrix with minor veins of chrysocolla has flakes  of crystalline native gold spread over. The gold patches are to around 2mm across. Quite rich specimen. Overall size is 5x4x3.2 cm.

Unit price: EURO 20,00



Veronica Mine, Villa Garcia, Zacatecas, Mexico - Beautiful gemmy crystals of glassy topaz to 1.5 cm in length scattered throughout matrix. Measures 2.5 x 2.0 x 1.5 cm. In fine condition.

Unit price: EURO 20,00



Veracruz, Pedra Parada, Mexico - Very nice amount of terminated amethyst quartz crystals ! The size of the main crystal is 3.5 cm and it is biterminated. Nice color ! Overall size of the rock is 4.5x3x3 cm

Unit price: EURO 45,00



Veracruz, Pedra Parada, Mexico - The whole rock is covered by amethystine quartz crystals ! The main crystals are with a nice amethyst color close to the top and their size is up to 1 cm. Showy rock of 5.5x4x2 cm in size

Unit price: EURO 45,00



Veracruz, Pedra Parada, Mexico - Very nice cluster of terminated amethyst crystals ! The color is great and one of them show a nice shepter. The size is up to 2.7 cm in size. Overall size is 3x2x1.5 cm

Unit price: EURO 45,00



Corrego Frio, Linopolis, Minas gerais, Brazil - Nice light yellow/green crystals of brasilianite forming a cluster on the face of a quartz crystal. The brasilianites are up to 0.6-1 cm in size. No damages ! Overall size is 3.5x2.5x2 cm

Unit price: EURO 50,00



Mina Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico - Nice coverage of adamite crystal to the size of 1-1.2 cm. Some of them are biterminated ! Overall size is 5.5x4x3 cm

Unit price: EURO 20,00



Ojuela mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico - Nice and rapresentative specimen from this known locality. There are various wulfenite crystal, bipiramidal in shape up to 1 cm in size. Nice bright orange color ! Ovberall size is 3.5x2x1.9 cm 

Unit price: EURO 20,00
Displaying results 1 to 10 out of 86
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